A Passage – Part I

I was on my way back to a village, where I was staying for two weeks. The roads I drove through were pretty submissive. At times, I lost control of my bike, and fell off, but I had my riding gear intact. Little did it help!

(It all starts from a burdened thought. Living a lie is something we all tend to fear and avoid, at the same time. This was an evident situation, which was present in his life. Dragging his own thoughts became his only enemy. So, he set out on a journey. A journey, which sees all of it. All the situations, changes, realizations, and what not? A transformation! He never knew, what would happen next.)

(2100 HRS)

What is happening?

I guess, it’s the first night, when my eyes have nothing to witness. This quiet night has a lot to offer today. I’d just wait it out to see, what’s coming my way. Well, who would’ve thought, I would be heading back with different plans in my mind.


What was that?

What did I just see, right there?

(He lived on the mountains, breathing cold air, hunting for survival but at the end of the day, brought it all back to the village he stayed in. A village where food was a luxury, and life was just a mere option. He lived for the people and their dreams, keeping his life on the edge. He hunted when the sun used to go down and when the birds used to bring back all the hard work to their nests.)

I was anxious and had no idea about it. I tried looking for that very thing, but soon lost track of it.

(It was getting really dark and even the electricity had given up on these streets he was riding on. Once he was back in the village, he heard a lot of people crying. This situation left him clueless, and brought back that very feeling, when he saw something running across the road, and suddenly disappearing in thin air. He made his way into the village and saw some of the local people beating an unknown outsider.)

Hey, Stop…!

What’s wrong with you all? Why would you beat someone like this? Who is he, anyway?

“He has been spying on us for quite a while now. We were told about some men who wanted to infiltrate and make our village a base to initiate something” the villager exclaimed.

Why would someone do this? What do we have here? Are we working on something?
This is daunting!

(No one had an idea about anything, until the handcuffed stranger started talking.)

“You know what? We have been monitoring everyone’s movements for a month, and all we could gather was, nothing! We were told that, this village is feeding a runaway refugee, and we just wanted to make sure that these kinds of activities aren’t happening. We were even told that, he has been supplying and funding a village in order to bring back his lost status” the handcuffed stranger said.

(Everyone had a numb and pale expression with nothing to buy from the whole statement. Each and every being of this village trusted one another but they were still missing on something. They all looked at each other with a lot of unanswered questions. By the time, anyone could speak, he made his way down to the stranger who was caught by the villagers.)

“Who gave you this information, and how does it help you?”
“Can you tell me what is going on?”
“What do you know about it, and the most important thing – who are you?” he asked the stranger.

“I’ve told you everything I was asked to do.”
“I know nothing else now” the stranger answered.

Well, this doesn’t solve anything. What is the whole situation about? I haven’t heard anyone talking about it in this very village. Am I missing something or is this a lie?

(The situation was worsening up for good, and numbers weren’t adding up.)

Should I go back on that road again, or is there any clue present in the village itself? Where do I start from?

“I still don’t understand, what’s going on here!” he said in disarray.

(After a while, he realized what had happened in the village. He looked at everyone present in the village, and this time around he had his eyes digging in for something he never had any idea about.)

It felt different, when I saw each one of them a bit closer. I found out that, only I am the one who stands on a different ground here. Each and every working body of this village felt the same, and moreover, they all did the same thing throughout the day. Was I the one who was taken in, or was it a story I was narrating for all these days?

I rushed to the hut I lived in, and found out some stains of blood. I chose not to speak about it, but I could sense something happening now. It was scary at first but whatever it was, it all spoke volumes.

What on earth is this?
Whose jacket is this? What is it doing in my hut?

(He picked up the jacket and there was something kept in one of its pockets.)
It says ‘HAVE FAITH’.

I checked all the remaining pockets of the jacket, and I found nothing else. What could this possibly mean? What is happening down in this village? What are these people doing down here?

(It was pretty evident that he was involved heavily in this situation, and the message added strength to it. While everyone remained clueless, he somehow got to know what was about to come.)


“EVACUATE, EVACUATE EVERYBODY, immediately” he addressed the people of the village.

(Everyone in the village wanted an explanation to this whole cause, but little did they know about anything.)

“I think we are surrounded by a lot of men with multiple weapons, and I somehow know, what’s going to happen the very next second” he explained.

It was really difficult for me to explain the reasons, aftermath and the situation to each and every soul of this village. I went ahead and gathered everyone in the local field and made them know the situation they all were in.

“While I was returning back to the village today, a lot of unknown vehicles passed by, and at that moment I had no clue about it. When I pushed myself ahead, I saw something crossing my way and then disappearing in the thick. It wasn’t a coincidence that all such things were happening around me, but there was a sense of unrest taking birth in this beautiful valley. I still ignored every fact until I saw you all with an unknown outsider and a paper in my jacket’s pocket. This village has been the reason for your survival, and no one has the right to take it from you, but today something big will happen. There are a lot of things happening in my head, and if you examine the silence and panic around you, you all would believe me. We cannot stand up against armed men, we cannot and we won’t. If you want me to talk on the ground-level terms, you need to know that it will be difficult for us to get out of here through the streets and trails”

“I was sent here to keep an eye on this village. The government deployed me with ammunition and aid, so that I can stay safe and do their work, that was to push you all away from this land. I will not do it, neither will I let them do theirs. I know, you must be waiting to execute me right away, but that’s not something you’d want to do right now. I was sent here to do their business, but I am not doing it their way. As soon as I came here in this village, I knew there was nothing here, and the government lied to me. They just wanted your land and what not? Your lives! Since I first came here, I have been working all night to build a passage for everyone. It’s just beneath my hut. That underground passage will lead us to open fields, a hundred meters away from this village. We need to prepare as soon as possible. They won’t waste enough time in killing us all and taking over this land. I want all of you to take your guns and reach the open fields. I’ll help the women and children, and will guide them to a safe zone” he addressed.

(The villagers were left shocked and surprised at the same time. It was difficult for them to believe the whole scenario. While everyone prepared for this evacuation plan, he knew what was coming. He knew it was difficult for him to come back after it gets started, but he considered this to be more than his family and life.)

(To be continued…)


A Cursed Child

When the world sleeps,
He folds and later weeps
In the midst of a crusade
Belonging to the one who seeps!

His thoughts are next to none,
While his vision shines like a nomad sun,
His life, a result of endless cycles,
Covered with a sporadic run!

He wakes, with a belief
But ends the day, with souring grief
The border he goes through
Works to provide his aid and relief!

He covers, and lives for quite less
Breathing through cold air, his only access
The wheel, running behind his back
Changes the day with a decimated process!

Soaking climate, resurrected air,
He walks through utmost despair!
Curtained life, undecided background,
His only way to relate and bear!

The ladder, he climbs
Forged his arrival with multiple rhymes,
His hand, being the resulting factor
Allows him to live at all times!

Every breath he takes,
It leaps and later breaks!
Every sound he lives with
Has left him with multiple mistakes!

He wears an undefined crown,
Leaving him to struggle and later drown!

Fallen Words

When the guns are grounded
And the roots are uncovered,
Responsibilities get cold and then are surrounded
With skies that are yet to be discovered.

Trapped choirs buried in the walls
Waiting to acknowledge, while he still falls!
Singing through the dead,
Waking, to the words, that were once said!

Blood, the epitome of what’s gone!
Traces, left to decay and spread!
Stories, told in the midst of dawn!
Lives, sown with a defeated thread!

Naked houses, left alone to survive,
Crooked soldiers, form a chain to learn and thrive.
Lost streets, left with endless directions,
Forgotten souls run through submissive projections.

What if, the body revolts
Under the guidance of deluded species,
What if, his thought holds
Under the skin of hollowed chimneys.

Lies are buried, to remain silent,
Lost ones are hurried, to remain reliant.
Orders, left exposed and unanswered
Followed by none, as they were left battered!

The world rises to breathe and inspire,
The journey commences, to break and aspire,
It’s the law, born to admire
Just to stand tall and acquire.

Wake! To the days, to a new life,
Wait! For the ones, living in a state of strife,
Carry all, upon those unattended shoulders,
March, with their saints and bloody beholders.

Summon into the pride of the dead,
To look for the words, once said!

The Mountaineer

Riding through the barren roads,
Waiting for the wind to strike,
Standing tall, writing the forgotten odes,
Claiming one to be alike!
It’s the sun that disappears,
In the midst, while it again appears.

Climbing down the meadows
Resting against the crashing sun,
Hands open to build their own shadows,
To nurture the soul, and later run!
He sleeps between the cracks
By lifting his feet on submissive tracks.

Walking on the edges of the horizon,
Sinking the breath wide open,
Feet firmly grounded, but still rising
In the clouds that are still broken!
Clear winds, humbling his dead nature
Close calls, dwelling to grow and nurture.

Running down the valleys,
Breathing through the hollowed rocks,
Arms crusading, on top of the stoned alleys
To cover his remains in a destined box!
His soul, readily living in denial
Just for the sake of living a false trial!

Seeking the truth and its forms,
Guiding mountains through explanatory norms!
Strides awaiting his decisions
Just to travel through different divisions,

While he travels with a known fear,
His vision is as strong as the mountaineer!

A Parallel Narration

A star well beyond his imagination,
Leaps through thoughts and its objectification,
A circle, where the journey holds
The shape, where the emotion unfolds,
Every line, drawn to retract
Each thought, called to extract!

Our blind gesture, waiting for authority
Our stranded vision, fulfilling every priority,
His lapsing thought, the only ally
Carrying the burden, only to dignify,
His actions – they wait,
Only to climb through our broken fate!

When the stars guide you
The clouds remain silent!
When the wind stops you
The rain becomes reliant!
When the light chases you
The sky speaks for the tyrant!

Those isolated blue skies
Cornered beneath his eyes,
Those forgotten clouds
Pushed across their shrouds,
Those unheard cries
Left to crucify the lost lies,

Signs graved upon the ceiling
In the name of a provider,
Who marks a step, partly appealing!
His cringe worthy yet deceiving crusader
Lures and later bends
While he still marches and mends!

Paradoxical illusion, an unknown entity
Psychological commotion, its known sanity

These words, taken from a satire
Seen under the cloud of vicious fire,
Expressions, marked by expectations
Crossed under parallel narrations!